Sunday Bus Trial

At present and to the end of January, a free bus runs on Sundays hourly from Bishopthorpe (Keble Park) to and from Askham Bar Park and Ride, continuing from there via Tesco to Woodthorpe.

This makes it possible for Bishopthorpe residents to get to and from town on Sundays, or to shop at Tesco.

Note that the route runs on the outward journey via Maple Avenue and then Sim Balk Lane, i.e. it only stops on Main Street on its return journey. Also, the bus oubound enters the Park & Ride site at the car entrance, and leaves via the bus lane and the Tesco car park, i.e. it does not pass York College.

Timings are listed on bus stops in the village. There is an extended break midday, presumably for the electric vehicle to be re-charged.

Whether this useful service continues may depend on whether we use it. Publicity has been very limited and passenger numbers have been poor.

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