Sewer Update

Yorkshire Water has sent the following update on the current sewer works:

The work by Mott MacDonald Bentley (contractors on site) is progressing well to install over one mile of new pipework to reduce the risk of future sewer failure.

The section of pipework adjacent to the Kettlewell Ings Drain (alongside the old railway embankment) and connection points in Appleton Road have been installed and work is ongoing along the cycle path.   Work is also continuing to drain excess water away from the Appleton Road Allotments to enable the pipe to be installed and connected to the pipework on the cycle path.

Work is expected to continue until early May and the excavation on Appleton Road will be required until the final connections are completed – unfortunately this will mean continued use of traffic lights.

The cycle path diversion will be in place until the end of March but work will continue on the agricultural land alongside the cycle path and allotments sections until late April/early May.

Several area of the new pipeline will remain active construction sites with machinery and trenches and therefore fencing will continue to be used to cordon off these potentially dangerous areas.


Ps The blue and white tent seen in the picture is used to weld sections of the pipe together in a clean environment.

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