Chinese Puzzle

The restaurant, L'Octogone: featured in the York & District Advertiser, 11 April 1979.
The restaurant, L’Octagone, featured in the York & District Advertiser, 11 April 1979.


Do any of our readers have a good memory?  Can you remember the name of the Chinese restaurant which was once situated down by the river at Bishopthorpe?

We’ve been contacted by Paul Woods who told us that regulars of The Oak at Copmanthorpe recently had a heated debate on the subject.  Paul should remember the name because he celebrated his 21st birthday there!  He took up the challenge to find the name and asked members of the Bishopthorpe Local History Group.

Well we couldn’t remember either but knew that the octagon-shaped restaurant advertised in Link, the parish magazine.  Searching back copies in the Archive, we found that, from the late 1970’s until 1982, it was called, appropriately, ‘L’Octagone’.  There was a gap in the adverts from then until January 1989 when it took on the name, ‘Bishops’ – but we can’t find any reference to when it served Chinese food.  The restaurant was demolished a few years ago.

Can anyone answer the puzzle and put the good folk of Copmanthorpe out of their misery?   Please use the comments section or email: