Field 84

Field 84 sounds like something you might find in the planned world of 1984–an area of permitted recreation or set aside for the use of party officials.

Not so of course, for it is a parcel of Parish Council owned land close to the river just south of the camp site and boatyard.

About ten years ago it was planted out by voluntary activity, but inundation and incomplete maintenance have taken their toll, and the land – kept for local people and community groups to use – has become overgrown.

Now the Parish has entered into a deal with York Marine Services Ltd to whom the land has been rented.

Field_84Vegetation has been cleared and a cinder path laid away from the river to the steps up to the playing fields.

And the deal? Four new moorings complete with a timber landing stage have been created, and bank side vegetation cleared. Field 84 is to be maintained as a picnic site for local people, and they may also fish from the river there.

The Parish Council – we – will be getting £1500 a year rental income.


Source: Parish Council Minutes