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Safer Neighbourhoods


Link.JPG I was surprised to read in the Link magazine, (Oct 2010, page 4) the article written by Bishopthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team.

"We would also advise that residents not to leave keys either in the locks or on the side next to the door as they can easily be removed and used to enter the property"

I have recently worked with a retired fireman of nearly 40 years experience. Sadly he has told me of the countless times he has removed bodies from behind doors of properties, because people have not been able to open locked doors. You have seconds to get out of your house if there is a fire. You will feel panic, be in darkness and be breathless. You will not find your keys if they are not left near to your exit where everybody in the household can find them.

In fact the Government produce a leaflet on fire safety written in partnership with the Fire Brigade,

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The leaflet states that' the best route is the normal way in and out of your home' and 'keep door and window keys where everyone can find them'

Please Safer Neighbourhoods Team be more specific about this in the November 2010 link magazine. You do a great job but you must be clear about fire safety.