It's Spring - and in Bishopthorpe, even the daffs have a history!


It's April and the daffodils are in full bloom in Bishopthorpe - especially in the Maple Avenue and Vernon Close area.  This photograph was taken on 4 April 2006: but did you know that we have the Brownies and Girl Guides of 1991 to thank for this annual display?

In 1991, a huge number of daffodill bulbs were donated to the Brownies and Girl Guides of this district.  Mrs. Sylvia Overfield (back row, left), who helped with the Bishopthorpe Brownies at that time, suggested that it would be a good idea to plant them around the base of trees in Maple Avenue and Vernon Close.

The girls thought it would add some spring-time colour to an area where so many elderly people lived.  This was thought to be such a good idea that the Chairman of Selby District Council and the Guide's Division Commander attended a special planting ceremony.

The planting ceremony went well but the ground was too hard for the girls to dig the holes.  Fortunately Mr. Melemendjian was on hand and the bulbs were successfully planted.  The following year, the Brownies and Guides were photographed admiring the outcome of their's and Mr. Melemendjian's efforts.

Fifteen years later we are still enjoying the daffodils, thanks to the thoughtfulness of others.

Brought to you from the Bishopthorpe Community Archive: a project of the Bishopthorpe Local History Group

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