Collection One


Collection One is a sample of images to get the ball rolling. These were taken by Graham and by Ike, mostly around Bishopthorpe but some are from further afield. There are 16 images in this Collection. Once you're looking at the full entry, just click on the any of the small images below to see a larger version in a separate window.




The Fisher of Dreams - We've got used to seeing this and hardly notice it now, but if you've not seen it before it before it's an impressive modern sculpture on the old railway swing bridge, which now carries the York - Selby footpath and cycle track.

Picture by Ike



A view from the river bank across to Acaster church on a frosty morning.

Picture by Ike



A dramatic sunrise at Whitby

Picture by Graham



No, not Monaco but one of the old mooring residents - gone now I think. The boat's obviously seen some action in it's time. The red paint is quite fresh, but it's probably not enough to make it completely seaworthy...

Picture by Ike



The Ebor meeting gets under way in 2007 - not the ill-fated 2008 event!

Picture by Graham



Brambles along the cycle track in August

Picture by Ike



BMX action

Picture by Graham



A bit of industrial architecture, taken on a late October morning.The bridge has taken a few knocks over the years.

Picture by Ike 



More in the industrial architecture/archaeology vein, this time part of an abandoned water wheel

Picure by Ike



Apologies to Sting, but I think this is a field of wheat, rather than barley. Taken in mid-August and just about ready for harvest.

Picture by Ike




A view from the bridge of the floods in August 2004

Picture by Ike


There used to be a number of abandoned but interesting farm machines in the fields between Bishopthorpe and Acaster Malbis. They've been moved away now, but were a feature for a good number of years.

Picture by Ike



Another view - it was probably state of the art when new.

Picture by Ike 



Rose hips growing wild by the cycle track in August

Picture by Ike 



A look across the fields on a morning in summer

Picture by Ike


Not long after dawn at the end of October.

Picture by Ike


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