Who’s Who

Members of the Parish Council



Stewart HarrisonChair of the Parish Council

Stewart Harrison

Stewart is Chair of the Parish Council and is a member of the Finance Committee.








Ian JemisonVice Chair of the Parish Council

Ian Jemison

Ian is again our Vice Chairman for the year. He will also be acting as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee, together with his ongoing responsibilities for Field 84 and the Riverside and Footpaths. Ian is also on the Finance Committee.







Brian Mellors

Brian Mellors

Brian is on the Planning Committee once again. He is also the liaison with York City Council and the Local Parishes Association.










CCarole Greenarole Green

Carole will once again be the Parish Council link to the local Police. She will combine this role together with her other responsibilities of Senior Citizen / Accessibilty Liaison, Environmental and Sustainability and the Parish Council Liaison with the Junior School. Carole will also be the PC liaison for Bishopthorpe Library.








ChChris Gajewiczris Gajewicz

Chris will be a member of both the Village Hall Management Committee and Planning Committee for the forthcoming year. She is also responsible for Environmental and Sustainability issues and sits on the Youth Award Committee.








Jeannie Conley

Chairman of the Planning Committee

Jeannie heads up the Planning Committee again during 2017-18, with responsibility for overseeing all village planning applications.

She is responsible for the Parish Council Web Pages. She is also the Secretary of the Village Hall Management Team.


Mark Askew

Mark joined the PC in 2015. He is on the Youth Award and the Sports and Leisure Committees and is responsible for Youth Support and Children’s Recreation.


Ian George

Ian joined the Parish Council in 2016. He sits on the Planning Committee. Ian also takes responsibility for Allotments.


Dave Grabowski

Dave joined in 2017. He will sit on the Sports and Leisure Committee and have responsibility for Youth Awards and Childrens’ Recreation,

Pinfold, Sensory Garden and Infant School.


Michael Nicholls

Michael joined the Parish Council in 2018.