Coronavirus Concerns

Lots of information and advice is available through the official channels, and there’s a whole load of correspondence and comments on the Bishopthorpe Community Facebook page.

However, we’re aware that not everyone uses Facebook so if you’re not on Facebook and there are items of local importance you think the community should be aware of, comments you’d like to make, or information you’d like to impart, please feel free to add your comments to this page.





Chart of shops offering special opening hours for special people.

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4 comments on “Coronavirus Concerns

  1. Posted on behalf of Julia C:-
    Hi. Just moved here, in at risk group. On Montague Rd. Children congregating and playing in large numbers at back of house in grounds, belong to pub maybe? Can you post something up to say that children should be inside, or in their own gardens or out in groups of 2 or with family.

    I know it’s hard I’m a mum and now a grandparent too.. But we all need to work hard to stay safe!

    Thanks so much… Just more worry this end on top of the worry!

  2. Posted on behalf of Julia C:-
    Julia here again. Have been in touch with Ebor Inn direct and they are going to check for gatherings of children. The landlord mentioned there may be large groups of children in other gardens backing onto Montague Rd. Is it possible to put something out on the site reminding people that children under same rules as adults now.., and gatherings are not allowed?

    I know its harsh with small children (I’ve had them!) but appropriate social distancing needs to be done by everyone.. Young and old to #savelives

    Many thanks in advance for handling this query and really hope you can get something out there maybe tonight as a lot of people do use this excellent site. Bests Julia

  3. Hi Julia,
    The govt rule is that people should not gather in groups of more than two people out of doors, and *only* with members of their own household. All other social interactions must be done online, by telephone or text, at a distance of at least 2m or through a window, for example.
    The police have powers of arrest if they see groups of teenagers and aren’t afraid to use it.
    So – no child should be playing with a child from a different household, even if there *are* only two of them.
    I know it’s hard – I was unable to see either of my children on Mothering Sunday.

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