Cycling on Bishopthorpe Road reader Anthony Kilbride has emailed to ask…

“Just wondered if there had been any progress on extending the cycle track from Bishopthorpe to Terry’s along Bishopthorpe road? I spoke to some surveyors towards the end of last year who were measuring up certain parts of the track. Currently only small sections are off road and I personally believe that this road is becoming more busy and therefore more dangerous for cyclists. As someone who cycles it quite often I would fully support any improvements and would be interested to know whether others have raised similar concerns.”

Anyone got any information on this, or views as to what should/could be done?


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  1. I had a correspondence with Andy Vose a transport planner for CYC in 2012 when they removed the signs suggesting that the path was a shared use cycle path. This is his reply to me…
    *** In my opinion the signs aren’t wrong as we took the decision, based on
    the fact that we couldn’t create a safe means of rejoining cyclists onto
    the carriageway at the allotments entrance, to remove the shared use
    section from the law college to the allotments and redesignate it as
    footway. The section in question is no wider than the section from the
    allotments to Terrys so how whoever put it there in the first place
    thought one section was suitable and not the other is beyond me.
    Although we acknowledge that this isn’t an ideal solution it is the
    opinion of the officers who have looked at the options available that it
    is a safer option than forcing cyclists back onto the carriageway just
    before the bend in the road. We will continue to investigate
    alternatives in the meantime and will still promote the route along the
    racecourse as the preferred alternative route.*****
    …. and that’s the last I every heard – basically its too dangerous to make it safer – or something like that!

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