More Info on Sunday Bus Service

As already noted the Sunday 500 bus service is set to continue, but from 2nd April it will be following a new route. This still includes the Askham Bar Park and Ride, but the good news for Bishopthorpe passengers is that it includes a direct link to and from town, so no need to go as far as Askham Bar and switch over to the Park and Ride.
The new route is:

Woodthorpe – Askham Bar (Tesco and Park & Ride) – Sim Balk Lane – Maple Avenue – Acaster Lane Keble Park (circuit) – Acaster Lane – Bishopthorpe Rd. – Clifford St.

The return journey follows the same route in reverse except that from Clifford St. it goes via Rougier St. , York Station and Nunnery Lane to Bishopthorpe Rd.
Frequency is 70 minutes. Buses will normally be electric.
Maple Avenue passengers heading for York (direct) will need to join the bus on the side opposite the stops.
Main Street passengers for town should join on Acaster Lane just before the Main St. junction, or on Sim Balk Lane at or across from  the stop near the dentists.
Initially, the journey will be free, but it’s likely that normal fares will  be charged in the fairly near future.

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