Bus Service Changes

From 02 Sept. service 21 will be operated by York Pullman.
Timings from Bishopthorpe will be 5 mins. later than at present, except for the 08:25.
The main change will be at the York end of the route; the 21 will no longer go via Stonebow to Foss Bank but will start/terminate on Piccadilly. This will inconvenience folk who have used this bus to reach the supermarkets, but hopefully the shorter route will make punctual running easier to achieve.

Bank Holiday Monday.
The First bus website is silent on the topic, but a journey timing search indicates that as usual on bank holidays the No. 11 will be replaced by our Sunday bus (service 500) and timetable.

Easter Bus Services

Bishopthorpe buses for Easter 2019 – Good Friday to Easter Monday:

Service 11 will operate on Easter Saturday only.

Service 500 (our normal Sunday service) will run on the other holiday days.

Park & Ride services will operate their normal timetable.

Note that Service 21 does not operate on Sundays or Sunday timetable days.

No 11 Bus changes to end March

Currently and until the end of March, The Stonebow is closed to through traffic. Consequently, bus services which normally go that way have had to be diverted. (This is not the same problem as the February Stonebow bus stop alterations.)

The Number 11 is as normal from Bishopthorpe through town as far as Ousegate. Thereafter, it goes past the magistrates’ court and the old fire station, turns left beyond Clifford’s Tower and continues past the Barbican to the Lawrence St. traffic lights where it turns right. At the next lights it turns left along James Street until it regains its normal route to Heworth and Ashley Park. It returns to town the same way.
Evening services that would normally terminate at Stonebow now do the Barbican/Fishergate loop and return to pick up the ‘normal’ route from Clifford Street/Ouse Bridge.

There are temporary stops on both sides of the road by the magistrates’ court and at each end of James Street. The second of the James St. stops is reasonably convenient for Morrisons’ supermarket.

First York ask that passengers intending to board or to leave the bus at the temporary stops should signal to the driver clearly and early.

Christmas and New Year Bus Services

Here’s a quick summary of the bus operations serving Bishopthorpe over the Christmas period…

Christmas Eve – Saturday timetable – last bus from Stonebow to Bishopthorpe 18:36. Last bus Bishopthorpe to town 19:05
Christmas Day – No Service
Boxing Day – No Service

27th, 28th, 29th December – Saturday timetable (full service)

30th December – Sunday service (Service 500)
Note that Service 21 Colton-Bishopthorpe-Tesco-York has no Sunday Service.

New Year’s Eve – Saturday timetable – last bus from Stonebow to Bishopthorpe 18:36. Last bus Bishopthorpe to town 19:05
New Year’s Day – No Service

The above information refers to services between Bishopthorpe and York operated by First Bus. See the City Council website for details of other routes, e.g. Park and Ride or to verify the above info.


Bus Service Changes

First York have announced timetable changes to a number of services, including the no. 11 Bishopthorpe service.

A new timetable comes into effect from Sunday 15th April 2018. The main changes are these:

11 Ashley Park – York City Centre – Bishopthorpe

  • Journeys retimed 10 minutes earlier which means travelling into York, there are more connections with the London and Leeds trains.
  • The journey from Bishopthorpe and Ashley Park used to run out of service. This will now run in service.
  • An additional evening journey has been added to remove the 90 minute gap to and from Bishopthorpe.

You can download the new timetable here.

Also note that there are some temporary changes to evening no 11 services while roadworks take place.

On Sunday to Thursday nights between the 8th and 20th April, from 2030 to 0500 there will be diversions in the city centre due to the resurfacing of Lendal Gyratory and the surrounding roads. The work is planned in 3 stages, however there is no set order for when each stage will start and finish so the diversions will continue throughout.

The changes for no. 11 are these.

  • Towards York – Normal route to Blossom Street, then Nunnery Lane, Skeldergate, Paragon Street, Foss Islands Road, Peasholme Green, Stonebow
  • Towards Bishopthorpe – Stonebow, Coppergate, Ouse Bridge, Skeldergate, Bishopgate Street, Nunnery Lane, Queen Street, U-turn at York Railway Station, then normal route
  • Not serving Rougier Street and Micklegate

You can see the full details on the First York website, through this link.


Easter Bus Services 2017

Buses on First York routes serving Bishopthorpe will work Sunday timetables on the Easter days (Friday to Monday), except for Saturday which will have the normal Saturday timetable.
Connexions buses via Bishopthorpe will not run on Good Friday or Easter Monday.
Other arrangements apply to Park & Ride, Coastliner and other services operated by
Transdev, Arriva, Connexions, and EYMS.
For details see the City Council website itravelyork.info

More Info on Sunday Bus Service

As already noted the Sunday 500 bus service is set to continue, but from 2nd April it will be following a new route. This still includes the Askham Bar Park and Ride, but the good news for Bishopthorpe passengers is that it includes a direct link to and from town, so no need to go as far as Askham Bar and switch over to the Park and Ride.
The new route is:

Woodthorpe – Askham Bar (Tesco and Park & Ride) – Sim Balk Lane – Maple Avenue – Acaster Lane Keble Park (circuit) – Acaster Lane – Bishopthorpe Rd. – Clifford St.

The return journey follows the same route in reverse except that from Clifford St. it goes via Rougier St. , York Station and Nunnery Lane to Bishopthorpe Rd.
Frequency is 70 minutes. Buses will normally be electric.
Maple Avenue passengers heading for York (direct) will need to join the bus on the side opposite the stops.
Main Street passengers for town should join on Acaster Lane just before the Main St. junction, or on Sim Balk Lane at or across from  the stop near the dentists.
Initially, the journey will be free, but it’s likely that normal fares will  be charged in the fairly near future.

Sunday Bus Service to Restart on 2 April 2017

The local Sunday bus link from York city centre, via Bishopthorpe Road and Bishopthorpe village to Askham Bar will restart on Sunday 2 April 2017.
The service will be free to all passengers initially but First York is considering registering the service, which could mean applying a charge for the fares in the future.
The more it is used, the greater the chance that it will continue.
Timetable attached.


Bishopthorpe’s Sunday Bus Service

The Free Sunday Bus Service 500 is now set to continue at least until 26th March when it will again be reviewed. The service was introduced in November 2016 to provide connections for residents between Foxwood, Woodthorpe, Bishopthorpe, & the Askham Bar Park & Ride, and then on into York via the Park & Ride service. The route also serves Askham Bar Tesco.

Information about the service can be found by following this First York link https://www.firstgroup.com/york/plan-journey/timetables/service-500-free-trial-sunday-service

The current timetable can be downloaded here https://www.firstgroup.com/uploads/node_images/Service%20500_York_A5_030217.pdf 

Although a lot of people complained about the loss of the Sunday service direct to town, it seems that to date the free bus has not been very well used. Unless this changes, it’s quite likely that we will again be without Sunday buses from April.
This might not be the most convenient way of getting to town but it’s certainly better than no service at all, so residents are encouraged to use this service wherever possible or face losing it altogether at the next review.

First York would like to hear any feedback or suggestions on service 500 by phone on 01904 883 063, by email at getintouch@firstgroup.com, or tweet @FirstYork.


Buses – a partial reprieve

City of York Council, because of government financial cuts, is having to reduce the subsidies paid to loss-making bus services.
Some services will cease and others will be cut. The plan affecting Bishopthorpe would have meant an end to evening and Sunday services.
After a strong intervention by John Galvin, our local Councillor, our evening services have, it seems, been saved.
Sadly, we are to lose our Sunday buses. The last ones will run on Sunday 21st August.

Changes to Transdev Bus Services

  1. Transdev is operating a new service from York to Tadcaster bus station, thus serving the east side of Tadcaster. The normal Leeds-York service currently calls only at the west side of the town, stopping at the breweries.
  2. Transdev’s summer timetable commencing 27th March will see the introduction of a new express Leeds-York service, frequency and stopping place to be announced.

The normal Coastliner service will run between Leeds, York and Malton on a 30 min. frequency. Alternate buses will continue to Pickering or to Scarborough. Some Pickering buses will continue to Whitby.

Passengers for Bridlington and Filey should change at Malton.

(Alternatively, Bridlington travellers could use the East Yorks. Motors York-Bridlington service.)

Temporary changes to city centre routes/stops

From Monday 29th February 2016, city centre road and building works will affect routes and stopping places for buses and create traffic diversions.

Rougier Street

Work on the adjacent building will necessitate the temporary closure of westbound bus stops.

The long bus shelter will be demolished and scaffolding erected.

Travellers towards Bishopthorpe should use the York Station stop.

After approx. two weeks, temporary stops will be put in place, to be succeeded by a splendid new bus shelter (features unspecified) a little later.


Ouse Bridge

Work on the pavement will result in the temporary restriction of the bridge to one-way (westbound) traffic only and hence the temporary closure of the Lower Ousegate stops for about two weeks.

Bishopthorpe passengers should use the Stonebow stop.

(Car drivers will also, of course, be affected and the diversions are likely to cause congestion on the other two city centre bridges and adjacent roads.)

The work is expected to last about two weeks.