Orchard Project – February Newsletter

Bishopthorpe Community Orchard and Heritage project

This is a Heritage Lottery funded project which aims to highlight Bishopthorpe’s orchard heritage and create a new community orchard for the village. The project runs from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019.

Have you ever wondered how to prune your fruit tree, but are worried about getting it wrong? Pruning helps improve tree health and promote better fruit production, but it can be daunting knowing where to start! Fruit tree experts, Tony Chalcraft and Jane Thurlow are here to help. They are running 2 practical training events in Bishopthorpe, the first in the Vicarage garden and the second in a garden on Copmanthorpe Lane. There will be a brief indoor session followed by a demonstration of the basics of pruning, with the opportunity to have a go yourself. These are sure to be informative and enjoyable events.  The events are free but booking is required as numbers are limited. The dates are: Saturday 16 February, 2pm to 4pm and Sunday 3 March, 2pm to 4pm (weather permitting).

Many thanks to all the volunteers who are helping clear rubbish from the new community orchard site on the edge of Ferry Lane playing field. The area is due to be cut with a tractor and flail in February. The work will be done before the bird nesting season starts, and a check will be made for any hibernating hedgehogs.

For more information about the project, including the newsletter and forthcoming events, use the ‘orchard’ tag on www.bishopthorpe.net.  To contact the project please email bishorchard@yahoo.com or phone 07563 798408.

Orchard Project – January Newsletter

Bishopthorpe Community Orchard and Heritage project

This is a Heritage Lottery funded project which aims to highlight Bishopthorpe’s orchard heritage and create a new community orchard for the village. The project runs from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019.

At the end of November, Tony Chalcraft and Jane Thurlow, York fruit tree experts, gave a very informative and well attended talk at Vernon House called ‘Know and Love your Fruit trees.’ We learnt that pruning is not essential but is good for increasing fruit production and reducing disease. We heard that the aim is a ‘goblet’ shape to the tree, and ‘lop and top’ should be avoided! We also had the opportunity to sample some delicious varieties of apples. For anyone who wants to learn how to prune their own trees, Tony and Jane will be running 2 hour practical training events in Bishopthorpe in February/March.

In January we are turning our attention to the proposed community orchard site on the edge of Ferry Lane playing field. The area is overgrown and rubbish needs removing before the brambles can be cut with a tractor and flail. We are holding a litter picking event there on Saturday 26 January from 2pm to 4pm. We have been promised help from Bishopthorpe Scouts and the White Rose Football Club, and additional adults and children will be welcome.  We will have litter pickers, bags, and a skip to fill. Just remember to bring gloves and stout shoes! If we have enough volunteers we can litter pick around the playing field, and clear the woodland of rubbish too!

Fruit tree surveys are continuing throughout the year so please let us know of any trees you would like us to survey.  We are particularly interested to know if any old fruit trees remain in The Coppice and The Orchard.

For more information about the project, including the newsletter and forthcoming events, use the ‘orchard’ tag on www.bishopthorpe.net.  To contact the project please email bishorchard@yahoo.com or phone 07563 798408.

News From Bishopthorpe White Rose

Sunday 23 June 2019, 12-3pm AYJS
It’s the summertime end-of-season Bishopthorpe White Rose JFC celebration.
Join us for fun and games as we close out the end of the 18-19 football season and celebrate with Women’s World Cup-themed activities, bubble football, bouncy castle, food and drink and more!

Bishopthorpe White Rose Football Club update

Our plans to move to our very own site with a clubhouse on land near Sim Balk Lane are progressing well. We’re working tirelessly to raise the £80,000 we need, and the support of the whole community has been amazing. We are nearly there! Our next fundraising event is on the 23rd June at Archbishop of York’s Junior School from 12-3. Please come along and help us reach the all-important £80,000 target at our Women’s World Cup-themed event. We’ll also be dropping our fundraising leaflets into houses in Bishopthorpe soon so please look out for those and help us reach our target if you can!

We’re also starting to plan our move to the new site in more detail, now that the work is commencing and the planning permission is in place. The junior section and the senior Bishopthorpe United teams have always worked closely and we will soon formally combine into one community club with players now actively progressing from our oldest junior teams into the senior teams, and with the potential to start a ladies team soon as our oldest female players are completing their journey through our junior ranks.

We now know that the new facility will feature a clubhouse with community space, fully fitted kitchen, 4 x modern changing rooms, 2 referee rooms and will be able to accommodate 3 x 11v11 pitches, 2 x 9v9 pitches and 3 x 7v7 pitches. This will provide much-needed pitches for our junior teams playing these formats, namely Under 9s to Under 19s and also the senior’s teams. In addition to the new site, the club will convert the existing pitch at Ferry Lane, Bishopthorpe into a suite of 5v5 and 7v7 pitches. This will be used as extra space for training for all our teams and provide additional pitch options, as and when required, for under 7s to under 10s, when they play their matches.

Homeshare Initiative for York

Homeshare York is a new service that may be of interest to people in the Bishopthorpe area – particularly older residents who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation, or could benefit from some practical help around the house.

Homeshare is being rolled out in conjunction with City of York Council, and is based on a national model that matches an older homeowner with a younger person in a homesharing arrangement for mutual benefit. In return for a room in their home, a sharer will provide 10 hours a week of support and/or companionship to the householder. Homeshare gives an older person the opportunity to continue living independently with the support and companionship of a sharer, whilst also providing a solution to young professionals or mature students in need of affordable accommodation.
In addition to resolving these practical issues, Homeshare matches often result in other benefits linked to intergenerational friendships. In similar services across the UK, participants have experienced reduced isolation, increased wellbeing and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit service, with a monthly contribution made by the Householder and Homesharer to cover the cost of the matching process and ongoing support.
To find out more please contact Toria Morris, Homeshare Coordinator, on 01904 552898 or email homeshareyork@york.gov.uk

View Homeshare Poster


The Lost Men of Bishopthorpe

The Lost Men of Bishopthorpe

Finding their Stories

Ken Haywood’s book telling the stories of the men who are commemorated on Bishopthorpe’s War Memorial was published in November, 2017.

In the process of completing the research on the men, Ken became aware of a number of other Bishopthorpe men from both wars who died as a result of service with the Forces but who were not commemorated on the village memorial.

However, as a result of the publication of ‘The Lost Men of Bishopthorpe’, the Parish Council committed to adding the additional names to the War Memorial by the time of the centenary of the end of the First World War in November last year. The work took place in the second part of October, 2018, and the work was completed in time for Remembrance Sunday on the 11th November. The following photographs were taken while the memorial was being cleaned and the names added.


Bishopthorpe’s War Memorial is cleaned by high pressure water jet on the 18th October, 2018.


Stonemason Tim Davies pencils in the additional names on 22nd October, 2018.


Tim starts to carve out the additional names on the memorial.


The completed panel of new names.


On the 31st October, 2018, Parish Council Chairman Stewart Harrison watches Tim Davies complete the final touches to the Memorial.


On Monday the 18th March, 2019, the Friends of Bishopthorpe Library are hosting a talk by Ken.
He will describe how he found the stories of the men of Bishopthorpe who did not return from service in the First World War. Using examples from his book in an illustrated presentation, Ken will show how to research your own military family history.

The Lost Men of Bishopthorpe, price £10+£2 p&p [in UK], can be obtained directly from Ken at
39 Acaster Lane, Bishopthorpe, York, YO23 2SA
Tel. 01904 704584; e-mail: kandlpublishing@yahoo.com

The Lost Men of Bishopthorpe
Finding their stories
An illustrated talk by Ken Haywood

Monday 18th March, 19.30 hrs. (7.30 pm)
Bishopthorpe Library, Main Street

Free entry – all welcome – refreshments available


No 11 Bus changes to end March

Currently and until the end of March, The Stonebow is closed to through traffic. Consequently, bus services which normally go that way have had to be diverted. (This is not the same problem as the February Stonebow bus stop alterations.)

The Number 11 is as normal from Bishopthorpe through town as far as Ousegate. Thereafter, it goes past the magistrates’ court and the old fire station, turns left beyond Clifford’s Tower and continues past the Barbican to the Lawrence St. traffic lights where it turns right. At the next lights it turns left along James Street until it regains its normal route to Heworth and Ashley Park. It returns to town the same way.
Evening services that would normally terminate at Stonebow now do the Barbican/Fishergate loop and return to pick up the ‘normal’ route from Clifford Street/Ouse Bridge.

There are temporary stops on both sides of the road by the magistrates’ court and at each end of James Street. The second of the James St. stops is reasonably convenient for Morrisons’ supermarket.

First York ask that passengers intending to board or to leave the bus at the temporary stops should signal to the driver clearly and early.

Orienteering in Bishopthorpe

Eborienteers invites you to an orienteering event in Bishopthorpe on Saturday 23rd February

Eborienteers organise regular events in and around York and North Yorkshire. This year, the club’s 50th anniversary year, for the first time we are using the streets and fields of Bishopthorpe for an event. The club has spent some time developing a new map especially for this event.

The club would very much like to invite and encourage Bishopthorpe folks to come and take part. We will welcome all ages and fitness levels, and there will club members on hand to explain and assist for anyone new to orienteering.

There will be a number of courses available from 1-5k that are suitable for newcomers and children, people who would like a change from their usual run, and of course more technical courses for experience orienteers.

The centre of operations will be at the Riverside Caravan Park, Ferry Ln, Bishopthorpe, York YO23 2SB and we will be using Bishopthorpe’s residential streets, school grounds and riverside fields.

Registration will be from 10:30am to 11:30am and starts will be from 11:00 to 12:00

For the one entry fee (Seniors £5.00; Juniors £2.50), you can try as many of the courses as you wish.

If you want to know more about this event please do contact the event organiser Simon Brook (simon.brook@lineone.net). For more information about orienteering the check out the club website at eborienteers.org.uk.

Bishopthorpe Parish Council Youth Award 2018 – We Have a Winner

The winner of the Bishopthorpe Parish Council Youth Award for 2018 is Laura Grainger. Here she is, being presented with her award (and £150) by Parish Council Chairman Stewart Harrison.
Laura has been helping at Rainbows in the village for over 3 years and has always been reliable and enthusiastic. She has grown in experience and inputs to planning meetings with fully researched ideas to enhance the overall enjoyment of the young Rainbows. She follows these ideas through from the planning meetings to take responsibility for preparing and carrying out the activities in the weekly meetings.
The leaders of Rainbows enjoy working with Laura and consider her to be a conscientious and hardworking member of the team and emphasise that the young girls love that Laura is prepared to listen to and encourage them to join in the fun.
The Bishopthorpe Parish Council Youth Award has been presented each year since 2002 and winners have been recognised as young people who contribute their time and effort over a long period, not realising the contribution they are no doubt making to village life.
Previous winners have been recognised for working with both young and elderly people, working within the church, schools, sports clubs or organisations and working both in the village and the wider world.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Saturday 16 February, 2pm to 4pm (Church Lane) and Sunday 3 March, 2pm to 4pm (Copmanthorpe Lane)

Fruit tree experts Tony Chalcraft and Jane Thurlow will be leading these events in support of the Community Orchard project. Come along and find out how to improve the health and productivity of your fruit trees.

At each event there will be a brief indoor session followed by a demonstration of the basics of pruning, with the opportunity to have a go yourself. The events are free but please book as numbers are limited.

See the event poster for full details : Tree Pruning Event Poster

Orchard Project : Site Cleanup Starts

On Saturday 26 January we made a big step forward in our plans to create the Community Orchard.
Over 40 people came along to help clear up the derelict land on the edge of the Ferry Lane playing field. Over half of them were children, including twelve Bishopthorpe Scouts. There was so much enthusiasm for the task that all the brambles were cleared too, which means we don’t need to pay for a tractor and flail.
Fantastic effort!

The Orchard site before we started work
Volunteers hard at work
What a difference!
This is what we removed.


Clements Hall Local History Group

Clements Hall Local History Group holds regular talks and meetings in the Hall. The next 2 events are:

Friday 18 January 7.30 pm
Bishy Road – 150 years of our local shopping street.
Susan Major (CHLHG)

Friday 29 March 7.30pm
‘A very very very fine house’: researching family and house history in Wentworth Road.
Louise Wheatley (Fishergate, Fulford & Heslington Local History Group)

Admission is £3 to non members, and all are welcome. Refreshments will be available to buy.

Open Mic Night

It starts on Thursday 31st January, and then on the last Thursday of every month at Bishopthorpe Sports & Social Club.

Come along and show what you’ve got – singers, dancers, instrumentalists, drummers, poets, comedians… whatever. Anyone welcome.

Some instruments provided but feel free to bring your own.

For more info contact Becki on 07834 775779

Christmas and New Year Bus Services

Here’s a quick summary of the bus operations serving Bishopthorpe over the Christmas period…

Christmas Eve – Saturday timetable – last bus from Stonebow to Bishopthorpe 18:36. Last bus Bishopthorpe to town 19:05
Christmas Day – No Service
Boxing Day – No Service

27th, 28th, 29th December – Saturday timetable (full service)

30th December – Sunday service (Service 500)
Note that Service 21 Colton-Bishopthorpe-Tesco-York has no Sunday Service.

New Year’s Eve – Saturday timetable – last bus from Stonebow to Bishopthorpe 18:36. Last bus Bishopthorpe to town 19:05
New Year’s Day – No Service

The above information refers to services between Bishopthorpe and York operated by First Bus. See the City Council website for details of other routes, e.g. Park and Ride or to verify the above info.


A Message from North Yorkshire Police

Dear Residents,
Recently we have had a number of reports of suspicious white vans driving around looking for scrap metal in Bishopthorpe and surrounding areas. Several reports suggest that the drivers of these vehicles are actually accessing gardens and trespassing on land without the owner’s permission. We ask that you report such incidents and also take a note of any vehicle registrations and descriptions.
It may be worth reviewing your out-building security and home security in the run up to the Christmas period and darker nights.
Your local Police team are patrolling the rural parts of York such as Bishopthorpe and Copmanthorpe, so please say hello to the officers. We can offer free home crime prevention advice along with property marking services.
North Yorkshire Police

Bishopthorpe Parish Council Youth Awards

We are looking for any nominees people feel would be deserving of being recognised for the work they contribute to the community.

The Youth Award scheme was created to recognise the good things that young people in the village do – particularly for others. The scheme has run each year since 2001.

Two awards of £150 are made each year to young people aged 11 to 18.

The closing date for nominations will be 12 December 2018 and further details will appear in Link nearer the time and on posters around the village.

So – please look around at the young people in the village and the Parish Council looks forward to receiving your nominations to be sent to:
The Parish Council Clerk, Bishopthorpe Village Hall, Main Street, Bishopthorpe.