SHED Mens Group

Business Address
Vernon House
Maple Avenue
Business Genre
Contact Name
David Rhodes / David Peacock
Business Description
SHED is a men’s group that meets at Vernon House every Tuesday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. We have approximately 15 members or so, though each week at the moment we get about 8 attending on average.
The aim is for SHED to be a place to meet for men to enjoy social interaction and be involved with what the group has available currently. We have members who are retired or bereaved (or both) and don’t necessarily have a lot of social time for one reason or another. It’s a place to meet in Bishopthorpe with no need to travel too far. However, if there are men out there that would like to give it a try, you are most welcome and if you have any mobility issues I’m sure we can accommodate you with a lift there and back.
First we first have a “brew”, (coffee if preferred), with biscuits and a chat about this and that (usually for about 20 – 30 minutes). We pay £1 per week which covers the building rental and covers for teas, coffees and biscuits. We then decide who want to do what? If the weather is reasonable, and as members have tidied the garden up (which is a work in progress) croquet can be played on the rear lawn. Indoors there’s scrabble, dominoes (5s & 3s), cribbage, and darts (which the group itself fitted up), and other games too we have not yet explored. We are trying to acquire a set of steel quoits (mostly pronounced as coits) which will also be an outside activity.
Now that may not sound terribly exciting, however it is hoped that if we get a few more members we can widen the variety of activities after bouncing a few thoughts and ideas around, perhaps something outside the building, though not necessarily a game. Maybe you liked gardening in the past but don’t have a garden now, but would love to spend a little time in the Vernon House garden whilst also meeting other men for a chat over a cup of tea. And if the weather is inclement and it’s not suitable to be outside then maybe you’ll have a go at some of the games played as and when you want to.
The contact in the first instance is David Rhodes (As I have mislaid his number you can call me, David Peacock on 07985583906). I will add David Rhodes number later.
Business Phone Number
07985 583906