About Bishopthorpe dot Net

This is a community web site with a range of sections all about local affairs here in Bishopthorpe, York. The site is created by local people to provide information, news and comments about local affairs in Bishopthorpe, Middlethorpe,  Acaster Malbis and surrounding areas. A team of volunteers has built the framework of the site, but the site depends on the involvement of local people to contribute news, thoughts, and articles of interest.  The site was originally set up with funding from the Millennium Trust and private donations, and currently benefits from Bishopthorpe Parish Council funding.

The site aims to benefit the local community, and has three main audiences:

  1. Ourselves, the people who live here – including newcomers and past residents who may be anywhere in the world.
  2. Prospective visitors and potential residents who can benefit from seeing how Bishopthorpe works before arrival.
  3. Those who are interested from outside – such as family history researchers, those in the local media or government, relatives and friends.

The various sections of the site can be accessed from the menu bar or from links in the summary sidebars. Each major section has its own page, and the latest news items (in the form of categorised blog entries) can be viewed and commented upon if appropriate.

Currently the site is generally open to comments from anyone, but to have comments published on the site your comment must first go through a moderation process before it is published. Over time you may be classed as a ‘trusted’ commenter and your comments may then appear automatically. Note that in the past an ‘open’ policy of this type has resulted in an unacceptable level of misuse and spam so this policy may be reviewed and changed as necessary.

The main site sections are : –

  • Home – the main launch page
  • What’s New – A chronological summary of all posting activity on the site, in all categories
  • Parish Council – The who, whats and whys of the Parish Council, including minutes of Parish Council meetings
  • Local History – Information maintained by Bishopthorpe Local History Group, linking to a growing collection of articles and pictures of local life in previous years
  • Local Travel – News and views about travel and public transport in the local area, and further afield
  • Sport – A hub for information on local sports clubs and activities
  • About – Information abut the site, and terms of use (this section)
  • Contact – How to get in touch with Bishopthorpe.net

Full terms of use can be seen below, but note that there is no editorial policy, no ties to specific organisations, and no wish by bishopthorpe.net to exercise editorial control. Each author or commenter is entirely responsible for his or her own content.

This site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.