Homeshare Initiative for York

Homeshare York is a new service that may be of interest to people in the Bishopthorpe area – particularly older residents who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation, or could benefit from some practical help around the house.

Homeshare is being rolled out in conjunction with City of York Council, and is based on a national model that matches an older homeowner with a younger person in a homesharing arrangement for mutual benefit. In return for a room in their home, a sharer will provide 10 hours a week of support and/or companionship to the householder. Homeshare gives an older person the opportunity to continue living independently with the support and companionship of a sharer, whilst also providing a solution to young professionals or mature students in need of affordable accommodation.
In addition to resolving these practical issues, Homeshare matches often result in other benefits linked to intergenerational friendships. In similar services across the UK, participants have experienced reduced isolation, increased wellbeing and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit service, with a monthly contribution made by the Householder and Homesharer to cover the cost of the matching process and ongoing support.
To find out more please contact Toria Morris, Homeshare Coordinator, on 01904 552898 or email

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