Re-launch for Bishopthorpe dot net

It’s another significant day in the somewhat chequered history of Bishopthorpe dot net, as we re-launch the site on a new technical platform.

Up to now the site has been running under a Content Management System known as Movable Type. This has served the site well for a number of years but the version used by is now sadly outdated and the system has been eclipsed by newer and easier to use alternatives.

So today the site is re-launched using a shiny new WordPress environment, a platform that should remain up to date and allow us to build new and better features forĀ  the site in the coming months.

Regular readers will find much of the familiar content from the old site, but please note that not all of the content of the old site will be available from day 1. For example, the Purple Pages section is currently missing but, along with some other features and additional historical content, will be re-introduced over the next few days and weeks.

The future of as a whole is currently being discussed, and a working party is being put together to consider the options for the future of the site. The site is reliant on community involvement, and our hope is thatĀ the new technical base will allow more people to get involved in the site and ensure it can remain a useful resource for the local community.

If you have any thoughts or views on how you could help the site succeed in future, please get in touch via the Contact page.